A system is only as good as its components. At Reinke we put as much care and attention to detail into each component as we do into the system itself. That’s why our systems provide year after year of dependable, efficient service.

We offer five types of materials and pipe diameters – more than anyone else in the industry.

The Navigator is designed for those situations that require extreme accuracy in timing and application in difficult-to-cover acreage.

Its high efficiency gear motor delivers exceptional torque to propel your system over the roughest terrain and difficult soil conditions.

We have the right application components including sprinklers, pressure regulators, booster pumps and end guns that can help you conserve resources and increase yield.

We can help you match span weight and tire size to soil and terrain conditions to maximize application while minimizing rutting.

result in a system that is not only lighter than competitive brands, but also stronger.

is secured inside the pipe flange joints ensuring a watertight seal. Since it's protected from UV rays and other deteriorating elements it comes with an industry leading 25 year warranty.

is designed to have all movement occur in the center of the pipe, dramatically reducing boot stress.

eliminates condensation, resulting in longer component life and lower maintenance costs.

is designed to provide the least disturbance to taller crops, while increasing durability.