Span Cable Theft Deterrent Products

Reinke's patented span cable clamp is designed to help prevent span cable theft by making it very difficult to pull the entire span cable off a span at one time. Thus making span cable thief a much more stressful occupation.

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1. A cost effective way to deter span cable theft.

2.Easily installed on all new and existing Reinke irrigation systems and can also be retrofitted to those competitive brands that are equipped with a welded-on, ¾" diameter sprinkler outlet coupler.

3.Unique design makes it virtually impossible to remove without the proper tools and extra effort. The Span Cable Clamp is installed using a specialty made tool also available from Reinke, wrapping tightly around the span cable, then slipping over the 3/4" sprinkler outlet coupler.
The span cable should be installed with placement on alternating sides of the couplers for the Span Cable Clamp to work effectively. The Span Cable Clamp can be installed on each coupler, every other coupler, or on any number of couplers to customize the level of security.