Navigator GPS

The First, The Best and The Leader in GPS.

When you’re looking to guide the end tower of your system, swing arm corners or lateral move systems, there’s no better choice than the Reinke Navigator GPS system. You’ll receive unmatched precision, which is critically important when applying chemicals or maximizing acres. GPS is also virtually maintenance free, saving you time, labor and money. Considering we were the FIRST to bring GPS to irrigation systems, you can be assured we’ll always be ahead of the curve.

End of System GPS Controls

  • Using a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GPS network it provides unmatched accuracy and position information when compared to mechanical and end gun control devices. WAAS is a network that provides additional information from fixed point reference stations to augment information gathered and calculated by the Navigator GPS. 
  • Improves end gun control with all system configurations 
  • Can be used on any existing Reinke system and most competitive brands

GPS Guidance for Swing Arm Corners and Lateral Move Systems

  • Utilizes Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveyor grade GPS signal that provides the ultimate in steering accuracy and system guidance. RTK surveyor grade GPS utilizes a position location process whereby signals are received directly to the user's base GPS receiver and then transmitted to the GPS receiver located at each individual system.
  • Ideal for rocky soil or land with underground pipelines that make the installation of buried wire a hassle
  • No costly retrenching if field parameters change
  • GPS is virtually maintenance free, saving you time, labor and money