Reinke Pivots

reinke pivots tri-cities wa

Reinke's Philosophy Is Simple

"To Exceed our customers' expectations of quality, service and innovation."

These aren't just words. The people who make up the Reinke family take these words to heart and put them into action every day. Each person involved in developing and producing the Reinke brand is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the highest standards in the industry. Products must pass rigorous tests before receiving the Reinke name. These standards ensure customers always receive the utmost in quality, convenience, value and reliability.

reinke pivots tri-cities wa

Reinke Pivots

Nobody has pioneered more engineering firsts in the development of center pivots.

Reinke is the first to use:

  • The single-leg tower design
  • Double-wall tower boxes to protect electrical components from moisture and temperature fluctuations
  • High strength, corrosion resistant steel in mainline pipes
  • Developer of the patented ESP (Energy Saver Package) for uniform swing-arm corner water application

Reinke machines maintain high strength integrity while reducing total system weights:

  • Less weight = less drive train stress
  • Less Weight = less tire rutting
  • Less Weight = reduces field equipment wear and tear

The Reinke irrigation system is engineered to cost you the least amount of money over the life of your Reinke Irrigation Equipment.

The Dealer Partnership

Reinke's philosophy goes beyond the factory floor. Reinke dealers take their commitment to building partnerships with growers seriously. In order to serve customers at every level, each Reinke dealer has a personal background in agriculture and keen knowledge of local irrigation issues. Growers can depend on their Reinke Dealer for up-to-date information, courteous and professional service and the peace of mind of knowing that, if needed, replacement parts are always available.

Labor Reduction

Reinke mechanized irrigation systems cut down on man hours by significantly reducing maintenance issues. Rather than having each system checked manually, our high tech control options allow growers to run a large number of installed systems with minimal monitoring. Control options, such as the Reinke Automated Management System, also known as R.A.M.S, reduce labor by allowing one person to more efficiently control and manage single and multiple system operations.

Reinke Advantages

Reinke aims to produce the most durable, user friendly and trouble free systems possible. Innovative products and parts that are simple to use and maintain help accomplish this goal. Reinke's dedication to ease of use and state-of-the-art technology makes our products more energy, labor and water efficient.

Crop Productivity

Reinke mechanized irrigation systems offer peace of mind when it comes to maintaining crop productivity year after year, and this benefit is seen on farms around the world. Most importantly, growers say that thanks to Reinke's reliability, they continuously grow high quality and profitable crops. Consider your Reinke mechanized irrigation system an insurance policy that returns consistent crop yields year after year.

Application Efficiency

Reinke self-propelled center pivots and lateral move systems are designed to ensure application efficiency and uniformity. With this in mind, every new Reinke system includes a computer-designed water application package unique to each grower's criteria. The ability to custom match the application rate of the system to the soil intake rate ensures minimum runoff and greater application efficiency.

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