Ontrac Remote Management

Get back on speaking terms with free time.

Make the most of your 24 hours with Ontrac remote management products from Reinke. Through almost any device, you can command and monitor multiple pivots from almost any distance. You’ll be able to see pivot locations, start, stop, monitor pressure and weather without being everywhere at once. It’s on-the- go, push-button ease for less time managing irrigation and more time getting everything else done.

Some Features Are:

  • Choose from radio or satellite communication
  • Ontrac satellite system is a Reinke exclusive and is perfect for growers in areas with poor or no cellular reception
  • Use cell phones, land lines, tablets, computers or pagers for increased flexibility
  • 24/7 monitor and control
  • Maintain a history of critical data for graphing and improved planning
  • Compatible with competitive brands
  • Reinke engineers perform a communication path study that evaluates elevation change, distance and ground clutter (trees, etc.) to help you choose the right system

Numerous Benefits Include:

  • Less wear on vehicles
  • Fuel savings
  • Labor savings
  • Electricity savings
  • Less time driving to pivots
  • Integrate with RPM control panels
  • Track, record and group application data for increased water efficiency
  • Multiple pivot commands including start, stop, system speed, water pump, chemical pump, auxiliary control and much more
  • Ability to monitor flow, pressure, application, wind, rain and voltage
  • Compatible with competitive machines
  • Only minutes needed to manage pivots
  • Windows® compatible

Control and Monitor - Anywhere, Anytime

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Reinke offers more ways to control and monitor your irrigation systems with ease.
Ontrac Radio
This radio-based communication system broadcasts a signal from your home office directly to your pivots. You’ll have up-to-date information on the status of all your irrigation systems and retain the season’s operating data for future analysis and planning. Ontrac Radio offers the most monitor and control options from Reinke and can be managed through any web-enabled device. Reinke engineers will also perform a communication path study to ensure a clear, strong signal.
Ontrac Satellite Plus
Ontrac Satellite Plus goes where other systems can’t: into areas with poor cell reception or where you and your pivots are separated by hours behind the wheel. It’s also our most advanced satellite product ever offered, with more management features and increased data accuracy. Our satellite technology also works through cloud cover, isn’t impeded by obstacles and ensures service and compatibility well into the future.
Ontrac Satellite
This is our first level of satellite control. It gives you all the basics while still giving you unparalleled remote management in areas with poor cellular reception. With Ontrac Satellite, you can also monitor and control multiple applications and make adjustments as you see fit — even on pivots that are 50 miles away.
Ontrac Cell
Pivot management is now in the palm of your hand. You’ll have complete control of your pivot with the ability to check irrigation status 24/7 through the use of a cell phone, smartphone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer.