When a Reinke center pivot or a lateral move system isn't what you need, you can be sure we
have a specialty system that meets every one of your requirements. Whether your field is small, demands frequent light applications or has an obstacle or two, we have just the right system for you.

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We offer a broad range of options to add to your new lateral move or pivot for increased

Two-Wheel Kwik Tow - Sets the standard for small field towable pivot systems.

Four-Wheel Pivot Mover - Quickly adapts to movement in any direction. Wheel hubs are mounted on base beams and can be quickly swiveled 90º. The quick hitch can be moved to any side for towing.

Reverse Tow Steering Linkage - Accurately guides intermediate towers when being towed in reverse. Available only on Reinke towable systems. A reverse Tow package allows standard towable systems to be towed from the pivot (forward) or from the end tower (reverse).

Towable Gearbox - Specially designed Reinke TNT towable gearbox is used on all
Reinke towable systems.

reinke pivots tri-cities wa

Engine Driven Mini Pivot

The Reinke Engine Driven Mini Pivot is ideal for smaller fields. When configured to be towable,
the Engine Driven Mini Pivot can be moved quickly using a pickup or small tractor. You set the
speed at a constant rate, and because you choose from a 30:1, 40:1 or 60:1 center drive gearbox, you can determine the maximum application rate for your system to match your soil type. Choose from a wide range of span lengths and end booms with a maximum system length up to 318

reinke pivots tri-cities wa

Wrap Span

Have obstacles on your field that are preventing you from watering the entire field? Our Wrap
Span is an economical solution. It allows you to bend your system around obstacles at any span joint except the last or next to last tower. Use it on multiple spans within the same system virtually allowing you to wrap your system 180º around an obstacle.

reinke pivots tri-cities wa

Drop Span

With the Drop Span - you can disconnect one or more spans and proceed past an obstacle before you continue watering. The Drop Span eliminates the need to reverse a system at an obstacle causing you to rewater ground. It also allows you to actually pick up an additional span or spans of a different length if the field widens on the opposite side of the obstacle. In addition, adjustable legs allow you to keep the span off the ground when it's disconnected. The auto-stop function allows the parent system to self-align itself to the dropped spans eliminating the need to babysit the system when it gets close to the pick-up spot.

reinke pivots tri-cities wa

Three Wheel Tower

Greater flotation is the hallmark of our Three-Wheel Tower, making it ideal for soil types that rut easily. The Three-Wheel Tower also aids in traversing challenging terrain. Unlike competitive four-wheel towers that add weight to the system and more components to maintain, our lighter Three-Wheel Tower is efficient and economical.

This tower base keeps all three tires on the ground at all times, placing a more consistent load on the drive train even while it provides power to all three wheels. Keeping all three wheels on the ground reduces the load on each tire, improves flotation thereby reducing wheel ruts.

Single Phase Option

Introduced in 2002, Reinke's 230-volt single-phase power option is ideal for systems running on small acreage farms where 480-volt three-phase power is not available. Single-phase systems are limited to 6 towers, or a maximum length of 1000 feet to the last tower. The Reinke single-phase option is offered with all the pipe materials options found on the Electrogator II, Alumigator IV, and the Minigator E2045 in 6 5/8", 6", and 4 1/2" pipe diameters only. Converting from flood irrigation to a mechanized irrigation system may reduce your water usage by as much as 50% and will reduce deep percolation, run-off, and energy costs.