Optimize Water Distribution - Maximize Every Plant's Potential

Variable rate irrigation uses unique fi eld prescriptions (Rx) to apply precise amounts of water to match numerous variables within each field. Multiple prescriptions can be created for each field using our VRI tool that comes with the RPM Touch Screen panel or by contracting a third party to conduct highly precise surveys to determine soil variables and define topography. You’ll then be able to load each Rx into the touch screen panel with a USB drive and immediately verify that everything is running properly. (Reinke is the first in the industry to integrate VRI and GPS into a touch screen control panel, providing another level of ease.)

Features Include:

Select the prescription that most accurately fits your current irrigation needs that day with the flexibility to easily switch prescriptions if conditions change.

  • Full-color display
  • View and select multiple prescriptions
  • View the prescription while pivot is running
  • See pivot location within each prescription
  • Validate prescription is running as programmed
  • Create prescriptions from multiple sources including aerial images, USDA web soil surveys and yield data

Irrigation Variables Include:

  • Soil changes
  • Slope
  • Drainage
  • Crop
  • Seed population
  • Rain events
  • Drought
  • Yield fluctuations