• Soil moisture probes connected to RanchMaster nodes
  • Single or multi-level soil moisture probes installed in soil
  • Support for a wide range of 3rd party soil moisture probes
  • Wireless connection to AquaCheck probes available (up to 5 probes per node)
  • Connected to either base station or nodes
  • Continuous, real-time transmission of soil moisture to online RanchMaster software
  • Data viewed as traditional time graph or color-code soil water profile


  • Reduce water use by knowing water availability
  • Improve crop quality by safely controlling plant stress
  • Effectively and safely develop larger root system
  • Reduce labor and service cost of manual collection
  • Whether the focus is on deficit irrigation or water conservation, accurate soil moisture measurement is essential to crop production and quality. Furthermore, soil moisture can vary widely across and within properties based on soil type and terrain, requiring multiple measurement points to ensure accuracy.
  • RanchMaster offers an effective and reliable way to measure soil moisture at multiple levels and at several points in a property, and to compare that data with other relevant information such as climate and water availability. The system can be used for measurement and monitoring only, or can be combined with our irrigation control to activate valves for automatic irrigation scheduling.
  • Data gathered by the base station, nodes, and sensors is transmitted to a secure datacenter for real-time viewing through any Internet browser enabled device. Charts and graphs allow comparison within and across zones and include a unique "Soil Moisture Profiler" showing a cross-section of the actual soil profile over time with color coding of the moisture levels.

SCREENSHOT: Example of the Soil Moisture Profiler showing over irrigation (click to enlarge)

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