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RPM Touch Screen

• Visual, instinctive, easy to program user interface

• Designed and built for extreme temperatures

• Integrated GPS end-of-system control for unparalleled accuracy

• High quality, powder coated aluminum, corrosion resistant, main control panel

• Meets all UL and C/UL requirements

• Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) ready

• Includes all features of the RPM Standard and Advanced panels,
o Records thousands of events for later download to your base PC
o Customizable step and sector programming combined with 1/10 degree accuracy for more precise application
o Sunlight-readable touch screen
o Windows®-based operating system
o Multilingual
o Onboard help screens
o Download updates online
o Onboard graphic applications for rain, pressure, flow, termperature, voltage and wind
o Ontrac compatible
o Programmable alarm inputs