• Control of a wide range of pumps from electric to large engine pumps (with Murphy Controller)
  • Closed loop monitoring of actual start with alerts on failures
  • Remote access technology for diagnostics and re-configuration


  • Save labor and travel costs associated with manual operation of engines and pumps
  • Save energy costs from unnecessary runtime and by running electric pumps off-peak
  • Prevent pump wear and damage from dry running
  • Predict and optimize refueling times by knowing exact run-times
  • Auto-start based on critical conditions (frost, low-water, soil moisture)

Ranch Systems products are ideal for remote monitoring and control of pumps, whether electric or engine-driven. The solutions range from simple on-off monitoring using a pressure transducer to complete monitoring of engine statistics and start/stop of engine. The most advanced control is enabled by the partnership between Ranch Systems and Murphy Corporation and Macquarrie Corporation in Australia, allowing any suitable Murphy-controlled engine to be monitored and controlled on-line.