Reinke Control Technology

Producers from all over the world choose Reinke irrigation systems to help them achieve greater yields and conserve water.

Control Panels

Our line of Reinke Precision Management (RPM) control panels lets you choose your level of control, from manual in-field settings to programmable pivot operation.

ReinCloud™ Ag-Data Services

An irrigation controller built for growers and producers worldwide, ReinCloud™ helps you organize your operation by property, zone and equipment, making it easier to quickly gain access to control and monitor your ag-based equipment.

Ontrac Remote Management

No matter where you are, or what you're doing, Reinke offers more ways to control and monitor your irrigation system with ease.

Navigator GPS

Navigator GPS is a patented system that precisely guides every corner with sub-centimeter accuracy. With GPS-based control, it also elimiates the need to bury or maintain guidance cable and, if field parameters change, a new path is easily reprogrammed.

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

Reinke is the first in the industry to integrate variable rate irrigation (VRI) with Touch Screen control and end-of-system GPS.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Monitoring soil moisture helps you make the best decision possible when it comes to knowing when and how much water to apply to your crops.

Facts are stubborn things. Math never lies, and high-strength steel combined with superior engineering has created irrigation systems that are lightweight and uncompromisingly durable at the same time.

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