Control Panels

Our line of Reinke Precision Management (RPM) control panels lets you choose your level of
control from manual in-field settings to programming pivot operation.

Features and Options

Features and Options RPM Touch Screen RPM Advanced RPM Standard RPM Basic
Manual Pump Control SSSS
Tower Auto StopSSSS
Programmable System Startup SS
Two End Guns/Auxiliary Outputs SS
Tower Auto Reverse SS
Temperature Restart SS
Pressure Restart SS
Programmable Park SS
Position Auto Reverse SS
Position Programmable SS
Multiple Speed Settings SSO
Lightning Arrestor SSOO
Power Auto RestartSSOO
End Gun ControlSSOO
Pivot Auto Stop ControlSSOO
Pivot Auto Reverse Control SSOO
Manual Injector Pump Switch SOO
Low Voltage Safety SOO
Configurable Alarm Inputs S
Programmable Auxiliary InputsS
Date/Time ProgrammableS
Programmable Well ControlS
Logs/Record KeepingS
*Flow MeterS
Integrated Wireless Relay ControlsS
Programmable Chem Pump ControS
Programmable A/C InputsS
Graphical Display of DataS
Start SequencingS
Water Application SchedulingS
LCD TouchscreenS
High/Low Voltage SettingS
Integrated Help ScreensS
Microsoft Windows® InterfaceS
Start/Stop by FlowS
Manual Generator Control OOOO
Ground Fault ProtectionOOOO
Pressure SwitchOOOO
Remote Panel PlacementOOOO
Single PhaseOOOO
Injector Receptacle KitOOO
UL Approval OOO
Frost SwitchOOO
GPS PositioningOO
Temperature ProbeOO
Telemetry Text MessagingOO
Phone Link RemoteOO
*Rain GaugeO
*Wind VaneO
S - Standard | O - Optional | (-) - Not Available